Seeing clearly

Looking clearlyA realization has come upon me. My life has become a race where I’m striving to be the best ‘whoever’ I can be. I’ve been straining, climbing, and pushing myself, so that the world will be happy with yet another ‘whoever’.

What characterizes this ‘whoever’, that I’m trying so hard to become? It is characterized by the expectations of my surroundings, the demands of the society, the thoughts twisting in my head, the wishful thinking of perfection and the countless (even endless) comparisons with the others. It is an urge to achieve that which everyone is longing to be: free. Yet the more I let myself get caught up in this race, the more chained I am feeling myself become. The challenge to keep up gets harder, as I find myself getting more and more caught up in fears and insecurities. Becoming yet another ‘whoever’ to ensure my place in this world, is exactly what is causing me to get chained. It is a misinterpreted belief that has caused my view of myself to get blurred.

I stumbled across a quote from Albert Einstein, while filling my time with looking at pictures on Pinterest. Albert said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Thinking about this, I realized that in striving to be the best ‘whoever’, I may look just as stupid as a fish that is trying to climb a tree. Instead of being as free as a fish in the sea, I am chaining myself to a tree, not being able to go forward, as I try to live up to the wishes of my surroundings.

People, the world, they all have expectations and demands of how a ‘whoever’ should function. I could try to live up to all expectations and demands, but in doing that, I start losing myself. I start becoming more and more like that fish who is trying to climb a tree because he believes that will make him a genius. In reality, when looking at it like Albert did, it just makes him plain stupid. What makes someone a genius, is when they dare to be themselves instead of a ‘whoever’. When their view of themselves isn’t blurred by the expectations or demands of others. When they dare to be free by looking clearly at themselves, through the eyes of the Maker, Whom has made us in His image so we can create beauty. Just like He created beauty out of dust.

The point I am trying to get across is that in life, we can all try to become the best ‘whoever’. But in doing this, are we losing ourselves? Are we being true to the Image that we have been made in and seeing ourselves clearly?


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