Intrigued by smallness

The sound of a small hand banging a toy against the floor, exploring the sounds the toy makes. Thump. Thump. Thump. Then…silence. The soft woosh of a tiny fluff floating in the air draws the attention. Tiny fingers, intrigued by this newness, stops the thumping to reach out to touch this fluff, that has now fallen to the ground. No toy bright or big enough could capture the attention away from the fluff. Beauty. Created in the smallness of things. The uniqueness is found within the intrigued eyes and hands.

A small child explores his world by touching and tasting all that is within reach. He investigates by letting everything that crosses his path, big or small, capture his attention. By examening it and touching it, he creates beauty for himself. The beauty and uniqueness of his surroundings are able to expose themselves because someone has noticed them.

Watching my baby son become intrigued (and distracted) by basically anything that is within eye level or reach, has made me realize that I, as an adult, forget to look with intrigueness at simple and small things. Time has taken control of my life. I find it a waste of time to let myself get distracted by something so small as a fluff of dust floating in the air. Therefore, I am losing touch of the beauty that is surrounding me.

Last week I was going for a walk and I noticed a ladybug crossing my path. It reminded me of when I was a a little girl. I would let the ladybug crawl on my head and I would take it with me. I could spend quite some time just enjoying the company of a ladybug and watch it crawl across my hand. Now, however, I looked and walked by. I notice things that are pretty and my eye is still captured by certain things. Yet I rarely take the time to actually enjoy those things and let myself be fascinated.

Exploring beauty

I have created a challenge for myself and I want to challenge you to do the same. To start recognizing the beauty in the small things of life, my challenge is to look as a child looks. Take time to let yourself be intrigued by something that has captured your eye. Whether this is a picture, a book, a sunset or sunrise, or even a youthful memory like a ladybug, take time to sit back and examine. Explore the environment you are in. Then you will find new hidden beauties that will add to your view of the world.


4 thoughts on “Intrigued by smallness

  1. Bookraising says:

    Great post. We walked to the library today and I was trying to hurry my son along because it was cold and I finally realized that he was trying to collect pinecones because he thought they looked funny. And you know what? The pinecones were just as important to him as the books.

  2. Mommy says:

    Oh Nanda, were does this all come from? I love the way you express yourself, you realy should write a book!!!! Love you:-).

  3. Daddy says:

    Hey Nanda, your so right. The little things are given bu God to show us that He isn’t only a God of the great things and miracles, but that He also is the God of details, of time, of taking time to enjoy the little. Love you.

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