Creeping upon you
like an unwelcomed stranger.
Claiming its territory
in your emotions and mind.

It becomes unfightable,
as it takes control,
leaving you in darkness,
bruised and all alone.

No place to run to,
but stuck in a dreaded hole.
Where is the light?
How can it lose its control?

A Light, salvation,
a Stronghold of this world,
trying to break through,
just like the crack of dawn.

No claims, no demands,
but only a quiet whisper.
A whisper, surprisingly soothing,
offering rest to mind and emotions.

Feelings of love and peace,
rushing through the veins,
making its way to the heart,
where it’s time to let go.

Confidence and safety.
Acceptance and strength.
Unlike the destroying stranger,
the whisper longs to make me whole.


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