Starting fresh

I’ve realized that even though my blog is called “Live colorfully to Create Beauty”, my posts have become monotanous. I felt like all I could write about was how to start adding color to your life, how to feel alive and how to create beauty. And lately all my posts have had the same underlying message.

So, since we have started a new year, it is time for a new and fresh start with my blog. I don’t want to lose my main theme, “Live Colorfully to Create Beauty”. But I want to start giving it more dimension by also sharing some colorful experiences from things that happen in my life or things that inspire me. I want to let my mind being able to wander more and thereby let my creative side take more control. I want to bring this blog to life!

Today, I went to a thrift store with my sister (and of course my one-year-old was allowed the experience of tagging along). I loved browsing through the old, maybe out-dated, clothes with her, trying to find pieces that we could bring to life. Pieces that begged to be tried on and dared to wear. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed looking through “junk”, as my loving husband would call it. There’s something about browsing through unwanted and old things that makes my creative side come alive. It energizes and excites me! And that’s what I hope to be able to bring across with my blog as well. I don’t want to be trapped by just “fashion items”. But I want to let my mind browse and explore and then share with you what beauties we can find all around us if we just dare to let our mind and imagination wander.


2 thoughts on “Starting fresh

  1. Daddy says:

    That’s a good start for the New Year 2015. Keep going this path of a collorful life.

    Love from your daddy.

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