The Beauty of New Life

One of the most beautiful and intricately created things is the birth of a human life. It is a miraculously created masterpiece which I think is one of the ultimate ways in which beauty gets created and color is brought into the world.

I just gave birth to our second child, a daughter, which is why I once again became aware of the color and beauty that surrounds the birth of a human being (literally and metaphorically). The way a woman’s body and a baby work to bring a new human being to this earth is amazing. It is a process that can only have been thought of and created by a Creator who’s creations and imaginations go way beyond anything we can ever comprehend. And then to think that we have been created in the image of this Master Creator! He has given us a creative mind and skills so we can be used by Him to create beauty and bring life into this world. The color and creativity He used to create all the beauty within and around us, He has given to us for our use.

A new human life is brought into this world and slowly grows, learns and develops. And this process does not stop once grown. In the same way, our creative mind and our imagination has been born but it also needs time and needs to be nurtured so it can develop and grow.

Think. What do you love to do? What inspired you and gives you that tingling feeling inside? What makes you happy? Pursue, nurture and develop those areas. Start small and let yourself imagine. Why should we waste precious time comparing ourselves and hoping that our passions and dreams will magically come true when we can start developing them today?


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