Create a Home

This past month I spent two nights in the hospital with our then 3 week old daughter, due to her having a fever and a cold. When we got home and I was indulging myself on a delicious cup of well needed coffee, I told my husband how great it always feels to come home when you’ve been gone for a while (or even after a long day!). He encouraged me to write about “coming home” in my next post. He inspired me with this topic so if you enjoy reading the following post, the credit goes to him πŸ˜‰

Practically as long as I can remember, our family has moved around. Not only in Holland but also across the continents. As a child, it never really bothered me to not have a place I could call home. Wherever my parents were was home to me. New countries, languages, faces, schools and houses did not bother me much because my parents were my safe haven. If we had each other, we could deal with the rest. 

When I turned 18, I moved back to Holland for my study. Suddenly, my surroundings stopped changing and I slowly began to realize that the moving around was ending for me. I was “stuck” in one place, with the same faces, the same language, the same school and the same house. My parents would be moving and I would suddenly be left alone. My safe haven would this time leave without me and I would be left alone, with no “home”. It was during this time that I began to learn the importance of having a place to call home instead of it being dependent on just people. A place as home, I learned, gives stability and allows you the chance to grow and develop from a safely rooted foundation. Of course, family makes a home. But never having one place really feel like home was a secret desire I never realized I had until these last months. Together with my husband, we have created a place we can call home. Home, to me, is not only my husband and kids, but its our own house, our things, our town, our friends, our church and our favorite places to go to. Where once I would have given anything to keep moving around and wander from place to place and from people to people, I now just want to stay put. Why? Because having a place to come home to and that I can call home has given me so much rest and peace. It is a place where I can relax after having an exhausting day and it is a place where I can learn to be me.

And this is exactly what God wants to be to us. He wants us to see Him as a place we can come home to, to find rest in and to find ourselves. His arms are a safe place where we can be ourselves, feel like we belong and then develop into who He longs and desires for us to be.

So I encourage you, find a place that you can really come home to. Create one for yourselves. Stop running around and let yourself come to rest and find peace. It is like they say: “There is no place like home”. 


2 thoughts on “Create a Home

  1. Daddy says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. And yes, we are still traveling and have a stop in Germany now. For how long? Maybe untill the Lord gives us a place that really will be home, before we go into our final home, heaven.

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