Beautiful Mondays

 Waking up on Monday morning usually means an extra cup of coffee, wearing an extra cute outfit and just a tad bit more make-up so we feel ready to face the common “Monday Blues”.If we  are honest, most of us are bummed when it is Monday once again, when our weekend has come to an end and we are (just) at the beginning of the week. We would all much rather have just one extra day to relax and do nothing.

And that is why I decided to start a weekly topic on my blog: Beautiful Mondays. I know my Mondays can definitely use something pretty and something fun to motivate and energize me for the new week. So every monday I will write about something fun: something I love or maybe share an article or video clip that inspired me.

I am excited to see how this will reveal more of my colorful side and my passions! And I hope it helps make your Monday beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Mondays

  1. Daddy says:

    Nice to start the second day of the week with some positive thoughts.
    Sunday close to the Lord and on Monday the reality of life.
    Nothing better than making a good start. 🙂

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