Beautiful Mondays: A Pallet Obsession?

I have had, what some would call, a pallet obsession even though I hate that it has now become a trend. I love the endless possiblities that pallets offer, especially for home decor. And one of my weaknesses is re-arranging my house and finding new (thrifty) things for in my house. But anyways, my obsession with pallets got to the point that my hubby came home almost every single day with a pallet, resulting that in every corner of our house a pallet or a piece of a pallet can now be found. (The plus side of my hubby’s job is that he can take them home for free!).

The slight obsession all started with an idea I saw on pinterest that I really wanted my husband to make for me. (Another plus side of my pallet obession: it has forced my husband to become more useful with tools and use more of his handy/creative side!).  I get the ideas and he puts them into motion. I then love adding a touch of paint or something else to make it more beautiful. 

We loved the way it added a rustic beauty to our decor, that my hubby decided to also make a “pallet chalkboard”.

                                                       *Note: this is a self-invented piece of work!

The making of the “pallet chalkboard” required the usage of a saw. Quite the challenge for my hubby (not really, but I enjoy teasing him on his handy skills). IMG_1167Because of this, we had quite a bit of random pallet pieces lying around. So, my mind starting thinking what we could do with these pieces because to me it is an absolute waste if I let ANY piece of my precious pallets go to waste. A house came to mind. Obviously not a house we could live in or even a house to play in for my 1 year old (even though I believe my hubby is wanting to make that one of his new projects!).  But a house I could give as a home decor gift to my sister, who had been helping out a lot after the birth of my daughter. So my partner in crime got to hear my idea, he started putting the pieces together and I added the finishing touches!

Here it is, wrapped and ready to be delivered and as a piece of home decor!


The endless possibilities pallets offer are fun and addicting! This is actually one of our most creative inventions yet…Use a piece of a pallet as a seat on top of a stroller if your kids’ ages are close together and the older one is yet too small to walk long distances.

Our next projects include a coffee table and bed (which I think we will wait with till the trend of pallets has past because I do enjoy being different) and I am thinking of making a sign with our names in it for by our front door. I definitely still have plenty of pallets to experiment with.

So, feel inspired and experiment with a pallet! Have a beautiful monday!

❤️ Nan

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