Dreams & Sparkles

Like a child

Dreams…we all have them or have had them. As a child, we may have dreamt of becoming a teacher, a doctor, a photographer or even a prince or princess. My dream as a child was to find my prince charming and become a mom.

Then suddenly, we grow up. And our dreams seem to grow with us. For some, that means actually pursuing them and others outgrow their childhood dreams and leave them behind. I am thankful that my biggest dream has already become a reality. Watching my babies discover the world around them, I realized that I have forgotten to dream and make dreams like a child. And with that, I have lost a certain hope and joy for the future. I sometimes feel like there is nothing left to dream and hope for because my dream already came true. That feeling comes with a sadness and with that I discovered that we as human people need dreams. We need dreams to give us hope for a better future and to motivate us to become our best. When we no longer dream, we lose our hope. A dream brings a smile on a face and gives the feeling that we can create, make a difference and make our life (even more) beautiful.

We were made in the image of the Creator, who has given us imaginations, talents and hope. In His power, we can pursue our dreams and create colors and beauty not only for ourselves but also for those around us. In Him, we can shine like stars in the universe. But in order to shine, we need to have hope.

Shine like stars in the universe

So my personal challenge is to become like a child again and let my imagination run wild. I want to dream again and hope that there is so much more beauty in store for me and my family. And I want to shine! For me that means (re)discovering my passions and my talents.

Dream with me! 

❤️ Nan


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