Beautiful Mondays: A Bolivian love

A big part of my life I spent growing up in Bolivia, a beautiful country. As I grew, so did my love for the Spanish language, the Bolivian people, the Bolivian food, the music and, of course, the country. Exactly a year ago my husband, my baby boy and I were actually in Bolivia for a month! Being there made me miss the mountains, the colors, the people, the language and the food again!

Bolivian landscape

Life there is just so much more relaxed.

Bolivia city

Last week, I was looking for a video on YouTube for my baby son to watch, when I stumbled across an artist, Evan Craft. In a glimpse I saw Hillsong next to his name so I turned it on because my baby boy loves the Hillsong music. He loves watching people play guitar and the drums. I went on with my cleaning. I enjoyed the music, mainly because it was all played in an acoustic setting. It took a couple of songs, however, before I realized he was singing all the songs in Spanish! By then, I had found one of my new favorite artists.

I want to share one of my favorite songs from Evan Craft with you. It’s a song that makes me happy, makes me want to dance and forget my worries. It helps me start my day off well! Just this morning my baby boy and I turned it on and danced along! We encourage you to do the same!

Click here to watch the video!

I hope you enjoy it and that it makes your Monday beautiful!

❤️ Nan


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