Beautiful Mondays: Feathers and Arrows

Part of the reason that I started the “Beautiful Mondays” was to find out what things I like, what inspires me and makes me ME. And I found something that I love AND that inspires me at the same time: styling. I have known this for about a year and a half, when I helped style my sister’s wedding, yet I never really pursued it. I kind of waited for it to come to me I guess. But a couple of weeks ago, I heard that a girl nearby had started a styling business. If I am being honest, my first reaction was jealousy. But then I started thinking about it and realized she just pursued what she loves, instead of waiting around for it to happen. I should be doing the same thing! If I am excited about something and want to learn and grow, I need to start pursuing that. So I did.

I have a friend who started her own photography business, Nons. You can see her work if you click here (for my Dutch readers, consider asking her for a photoshoot!). I approached her and asked if she would like to do a styled photoshoot with me. And, lucky for me, she said yes! We will be photographing our own kids (hopefully they will cooperate!) and have a feather/adventure themed photoshoot. Keep following me to see the results!

Prepping for the photoshoot has given me a busy week and a well-needed distraction. Here is a small preview of the props we will be using.


I am really excited! Working on this has given me new energy and has helped me to focus on fun things in life. I have been creating beauty to create even more beauty!

So this Monday I want to inspire you to pursue the things that give you energy, that excite you, the things that make you happy and the things that you are passionate about. Most of the times, it requires us to take a step forward in order to get where we want to.

Here is a little DIY for you: arrows! I came across these on Pinterest and loved them. I will definitely be using these in the photoshoot.

DIY arrows

They are very easy to make. All you need is some felt, sticks and a needle and thread. Oh, scissors are also handy to have.

Supplies arrows

I first cut out little triangles.

Step 1

I then sewed two together and on the bottom I placed a stick in between the two pieces felt. To make sure the sticks stay inside, I sewed around the stick twice.

Step 2

Then, just place the arrows in a fun jar. Or create a bow to go with it, like this one (which my hubby made).

Display of Arrows

I wish you all a beautiful Monday! I am looking forward to sharing the results of the photoshoot with you.



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