Beautiful Mondays: A Bohemian Adventure

From the moment that new life is born, exploring starts. A baby discovers the world around him. As his vision gradually becomes clearer, he discovers the faces of his parents. He notices his hands and entertains himself for hours (okay, minutes) when he realizes he has fingers he can move around. Little by little, his world starts getting bigger as he examines more and more of his surroundings.

Little children are adventure-seekers. They thrive on discovering new spots and exploring what is in their reach. We can learn a lot from their innocence, patience and curiosity when they take the time to wander, dream and investigate.

This is exactly what Nons photography was able to capture during the styled photoshoot. The curiosity and innocence of children are visible as they are exploring and discovering their surroundings. It really was a bohemian adventure.

Enjoy the results of the photoshoot, photographed by Nons and styled by me, with special thanks to each of our kids for modelling and to my husband for helping us with some of the styling and “heavy lifting”.

let's be adventurers




We would love to hear your comments on our styled photoshoot, as this was a first for both of us. So please share!

Have a beautiful Monday!

❤ Nan


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Mondays: A Bohemian Adventure

  1. Mommy says:

    Very professional, you both are a great team. And the kids look adorable. Well every grandmother would say:” the’re soooo cute, born to be loved”. By reading- and looking at the photo’s my monday turned out to be beautiful! :-). Love you Nanda.

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