DIY: Picture displays

For those of you looking for a new and different way to display your pictures throughout your house, I have an easy “Do It Yourself”. Yesterday I was in a creative mood and I really like the results I got.

Both are very easy to make and not many supplies are needed.

A photo display

For this first one, all you need is some scrapbooking paper, washi tape, scissors, a sharpie (or any kind of pen or marker), dubble sides tape (or glue) and some fun stickers, cut-outs or vellum shapes. Then the rest is up to you! Start experimenting different positions for your picture and stickers/vellum shapes till you have created your own beautiful masterpiece! The Maggie Holmes collection actually inspired me to do this. She makes some beautiful supplies for creative people. You should take a look at het blog!

This second DIY is one I have wanted to do for a while, but hadn’t made time for yet. This one is my husband’s favorite and I must say I am pretty proud of it.
Picture in a Jar
For this project, you will basically need the same supplies as in the one above. Except this one also requires a jar and some ribbon. What I did was glue some scrapbooking paper to both sides of the picture. With a slick writer (the perfect pen to write on washi tape and other “slick” surfaces) I wrote love on the picture. I then placed that in a jar. I added a cute ribbon that has words on it. And I added brown string. I sewed two vellum shapes onto the string. And that was it!

I hope you will feel inspired to make some beautiful photo displaying decor for around your home.

Have a lovely weekend.

❤ Nan


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