Beautiful Mondays: Free Printable

This has been one of those weeks where I have been challenged by motherhood. Our almost two year old son has discovered that he can climb out of his bed. This has resulted in little sleep for him and trying days for me and my husband. When I am sleep deprived, I tend to get emotionally unstable. It then is harder for me to fight my insecurities and my negative thoughts.   I tend to let my insecurities and fears take control.

Constantly, however, I am reminded that my thoughts need to change. Once my thoughts start to change, my actions and attitude will change. Each time the words whatever is true, whatever is right come to mind. I decided I needed to create something with this so I can display it somewhere in my house as a constant reminder.

Free Printable Whatever is

I am excited to share my first printable with you! I have made two versions. The first one has a pink watercolor background. And the second one is black and white. I realized the latter would probably match most home decors better.

Whatever is

You can download the pink free printable here.

The black and white printable you can download here.

Comment below to tell me what you think and if you used it, show me!

Have a beautiful Monday,

❤ Nan

* The credits for the watercolor background go to Angie Makes. She has some great freebies and her site is worth taking a visit to.


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