Guard your heart

Have you ever felt betrayed? Let down? Not needed? Worthless? So have I. I thought I easily moved on from those feelings but lately I have discovered letting go is not as easy as I thought. This last year I have felt a lot of hurt due to betrayal, being let down and feeling useless. And this last week those feelings have really reached a boiling point. I have no peace in my mind and have a hard time focussing. I have been trying to let my feelings out but they are hard and tiring and hurtful to deal with.

But just now, after having talked with a friend, the words “above all else guard your heart” came to mind. I thought, okay, I guess I haven’t been doing that well since my heart is aching. But what does that even mean? How do I guard my heart? So I decided to look into it because I really want to start dealing with these feelings. I want a peaceful heart and mind! 

What I discovered is that we guard our hearts by guarding our thoughts. When we believe lies that we (or others) tell ourselves or when our thoughts are just plain negative, we start ruining our heart. What we feed our mind, leads to our hearts. So by not guarding our thoughts, we start poisoning our hearts as well! 

What we need to learn to do is to examine our thoughts continually. If our thoughts are uplifting, our hearts will start doing the same! I am someone who hates changing the thoughts because I’m already way too busy in my mind. But I guess that if I want to experience freedom and a happy heart, I need to start fighting my thoughts. 

I need to think of whatever is lovely, pure, true, just, admirable, praiseworthy….


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