About Live Colorfully to Create Beauty


To create. To color. To live.

Inspiration can be found in big things, small things, in people, in books, in pictures; basically in anything that captures your eye. The one place, however, where we often forget to search for inspiration, is inside ourselves. We get so focused on everything outside ourselves, that we forget the power that is within us. Each one of us is filled with talents and passions that we can use to color the world. When we find the tools that help us live out our talents and passions, we become alive and radiate. With that, we are able to create a beauty that not only brings color to our own lives but also colors the world of those around us.

This realization is what has inspired me to start blogging. I have realized that I have lost sight of that power within me. I’ve lost track of my talents and passions because my focus has been set on everything outside of myself. I am married to a wonderful husband and have a beautiful son and daughter, yet I don’t feel like I am shining. I’m not coloring my own world, which is why I feel like I’ve lost some of my beauty. Through this, I hope to find those tools inside of me that I need to create, to color and to live.

I want you to be a part of this journey. Through posting my thoughts, my feelings, my interests and my experiences, I hope that my personal journey will help those of you who are in search of the beauty within themselves. I am no better than you. I believe all of us are on a journey in life. We are all in search of becoming the most beautiful ‘me’ that we can be. It starts with ourselves. From there, we can start living colorfully to create beauty.


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